Welfare Projects

1. Pension cell

This pension cell was established on 13-2-1993. Its function is to provide the services to those employees who retirement either on medical ground or on superannuation.

2. Medical Cell

As per direction by the DIGP R/R, this medical cell is fully operational. Its function is to facilitate and assist the sick employees.   

3. Regimental Fund

As per direction of DIGP R/R in year 2004 regimental fund was created. Its function is to provide financial assistance to the deserving police employees and to awards shields/gifts to retired employees for their encouragement on the occasion of their retirement.

4. Laundry Shop

For the betterment and welfare for the employees of reserve police laundry/ washer men shop facilities is being provided to police employees in all the districts of A.J.K police.

5. Barber Shop

In Lines HQ Muzaffarabad, a Barber shop which consists of three seats is available for the welfare of police employees.

6. Mess

Mess facilities are provided to the police employees in the mess, fresh and cheap foods are provided to the police employees and factor scale/menu is also prepaid for all the messes in AJ&K.

7. Welfare shop

To provide the facility to all the police employees a welfare shop is established in police Lines HQs from where police employees can get commodities on very cheap rates as compared to bazaar.

8. Tailor Shop

As per direction DIGP R/R on 2004 a tailor shop is established in police Line HQ MZD on one side which provides the facilities to the employees while on the other side it is the source of police regimental fund.